Teaching Students With ADHD: 10 Steps for Success

Teachers, you can help your students with ADHD by following these 10 steps.

Step 1. Develop a good rapport. Getting to know the child is core to his, her, and your success. Review 504 plan or IEP with the child and parent.

Step 2. Seat the student in his or her optimal area (not always the front row).

Step 3. Pair the student with a buddy or partner.

Step 4. Set up a secret signal, if needed.

Step 5. If needed, give the child a job or responsibility.

Step 6. Make ongoing accommodations.

Step 7. Frequently check in with student during instruction.

Step 8. Before any test provide the following: inform student about the types of questions, provide or complete with class completed study guide.

Step 9. When misbehavior occurs, implement the mess up, make up technique. The student can earn back a privilege if he or she does an act to make up for the blunder.

Step 10. Communicate with parent. Share student’s success and areas of concern. Start the meeting with positive statements.