Reading: No Tricks, Only Treats

Many people agree that giving a child the gift of reading is one of the best gifts available. Remember who taught you to read? About 20 percent of children start school reading, 60% learn with instruction from a good teacher, and 20% seriously struggles to learn to read. I advise you to get an evaluation if your child does not enjoy reading, constantly misreads words, reads choppy and slow, or doesn’t comprehend well. Kids in the bottom 20-25% that struggle to read need more specialized help than what the average teacher with 22 kids in her class can provide. These kids need special and intensive tutoring using a reading program matched to their specific needs.

Consider this. Is there only one way to learn to drive, cook, or learn how to manage your money? Of course not but in many schools teachers are given one way to teach kids how to read. It’s no wonder why some kids seriously struggle. If your child struggles to read an evaluation can help pinpoint the breakdown and identify his or her strengths. Then a specialist can use the best reading program to target this area and improve your child’s reading and build their confidence. I know most of the specialized reading programs available.

My evaluation is the starting point so that you don’t lose valuable time in your young child’s life. I often explain to parents that the evaluation uncovers strengths and weaknesses so we understand exactly how to proceed. You don’t want to waste your time and money doing things that don’t fix the problem. The bottom line is don’t let anyone trick you into believing that waiting will solve the problem. If your child’s reading concerns you then get it checked out and give your child the biggest treat ever: becoming a great reader.