Reading Comprehension Struggles

Reading comprehension is a complex task involving your child, the text, and the multidimensional task of reading. These variables combine to create reading comprehension.

Your Child

Consider your child. To achieve reading comprehension, your child must bring a positive mindset, background knowledge, and reading skills to what they read. If your child is a reluctant or struggling reader, does he have a positive mindset about it? If not, how can you change it?

Your child’s prior life experiences contribute to reading comprehension. Consider yourself assembling furniture. When you’ve previously put together furniture, that experience helps you anticipate assembling the new piece. Every time your child learns or experiences something new they make connections and store it to use later when encountering new material. Thus, what type of varying experiences or knowledge are you giving your child?

The Text

The text or books your child reads contributes to his or her understanding. Like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, you don’t want the text your child reads to be too easy or too hard, but just right. Find out your elementary age child’s Lexile level and pick books within that range. Learn more at or talk to your local librarian.

The Task of Reading

The act of reading is multi-dimensional and includes quickly sounding out words, reading speed, and vocabulary. If your child is reading aloud to you and mispronounces words, only correct the words that change the meaning.  Using a book at your child’s Lexile level, simultaneous read aloud with your child to build reading speed. Stop periodically and take turns describing what each person is picturing in their mind as visualizing helps with comprehension.  Teach your child a new vocabulary word each week and practice using it during the week.

If you want to increase your child reading comprehension, allocate sufficient time to work on it, read with your child, provide varied life experiences, and work on skills.  If you need a specialist, just reach out. (561) 625 4125