Palm Beach Homeschool Evaluations

If your child is a homeschooled student in the Palm Beach school district then you know each year you must have the annual homeschooled form signed off.  I attached the form (homeschool_annual_evaluation_Palm Beach) so you can have easy access to the Palm Beach Schools homeschool annual certification form by clicking here.

Once completed, return your form to: The School District of Palm Beach County, Home Education Office, 3308 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite C-141, West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5813.  Their phone and fax numbers are: (561) 434-8052, FAX (561) 434-8447.  The current Palm Beach Home Education director is Beth Gillespie.

I can help test your child(ren) and sign off on the annual homeschool evaluation and it’s a process that takes about an hour.  I assess your child in reading, writing, and math and provide you with grade equivalency, age equivalency, percentile rank, and standard scores.  These scores allow you to compare your child to national norms.  I provide a written report that you can choose to mail the Palm Beach School District Homeschool coordinator.  You mail the results to the address above after I sign off on the certification form.

My son is registered as a homeschool student in the Palm Beach School system so I am very familiar with the annual homeschool certification as well as the progression requirements.  The Palm Beach Homeschool Certification Form must be signed by a licensed teacher or psychologist.  In addition to my testing I can also review your child’s homeschool portfolio and curriculum to make the homeschool progress decision.  One benefit you receive by using my services is that I can look for possible information processing problems or other hidden issues that might cause your child difficulty.  Then, you can teach to these areas and strengthen any areas of need as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Again, I provide psychologist certified homeschool evaluations in Palm Beach and Martin counties.  The cost for the homeschool evaluation certification is $150 and I advise you to schedule your appointment two weeks in advance of when you want to come in.  When your child comes in for the homeschool evaluation tell him or her that I am like a teacher and will work with them one-to-one to do school work.  Make it a low stress and like a typical day of school and they’ll do fine.