Home School ADHD Kids

If your child has ADHD you may have considered homeschooling him or her.  Is homeschooling a viable option for kids with ADHD?  I believe the home school option can work for children with ADHD.  Don’t let the myths of homeschooling discourage you from exploring this for your son or daughter with ADHD.

These are myths about homeschooling.

  1.  Homeschooling is socially isolating.
  2. Homeschooling only works in elementary grades.
  3. Homeschooled kids are introverts.
  4. Homeschool kids are ‘different.’
  5. Kids that are homeschooled don’t get into top colleges.

All of these homeschooling myths are false.  Kids that are homeschooled are well balanced, typical, outgoing, intelligent, and attend top colleges.  In fact, many kids that are homeschooled come out with stronger financial knowledge than kids that go to traditional schools.  For example, my daughter is a junior in a traditional high school.  She is so advanced in high school math that she can do trigonometry but she can’t balance a checkbook!  She has had zero education on financial principles. None. Nada.  In my opinion not being taught one financial skills class is a travesty because what do you need to live?  Do you need to do trig? Or, is it more important to know how to balance a checkbook, not go into credit card debt, and understand how to save money?  I argue that knowing how to handle money is more important than trig.  EVERYDAY EVERYONE deals with money.  Few people really use trigonometry in everyday life.  That’s just one example of how kids that are homeschooled can trump traditionally schooled children.

My wife and I are former members of the Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA) that serves homeschool families in Florida.  This is a beneficial organization that provides guidance to homeschooling parents, including those parents of children with ADHD.

Home schooling your boy with ADHD works.  Here are some items to consider as you embark on the journey.

  1. As the parent, what supports do I need?
  2. Where will I find curriculum resources?
  3. Will I homeschool myself or look for a co-op group?
  4. Will my spouse help out?
  5. Does my child work well enough for me?
  6. Do I have the time to homeschool?
  7. Do I have a dedicated space for homeschooling?
  8. Are there online resources for homeschooling? (Liberty University)
  9. What opportunities will my child have for sports or music?
  10. How do I register my child with the school district as a homeschool student?