Bahamas ADHD Help

I was over in the Bahamas recently (Grand Bahama) during part of my kid’s week of spring break from school and got to meet some friendly and wonderful Bahamian citizens.  It was a refreshing vacation where I was able to relax and unwind.  As my Bahamian bus driver explained that in the Bahamas folks, “Go with the flow and ride with the tide.”  I appreciated this advice and him sharing that philosophy with me.  As I sat on the beach with my toes in the water and chair in the sand, looking out at the beautiful blue, green, and turquoise Bahamian waters I felt the stress start to disappear and my creative energy start to flow.  I’ll share another catchy saying I picked up from my bus driver that in the Bahamas there’s, “Nothing to it, just do it.”  Using this creative and carefree mentality, I was able to outline another book that I want to write about what it takes to overcome ADHD.  Now that’s a project in the works.

Sitting on the beach I watched the Bahamian men at the watersports set up their daily equipment, recruit people to use the various watersports, and enjoy what they were doing.  Some guys would ferry tourists out to a platform where they went parasailing.  Others pulled tourists on an inflatable banana tube, and others worked the equipment.  I couldn’t help but think that is a great job for a boy or young man with ADHD.  It’s fulfilling (they are helping people enjoy their vacation), hands-on, active, and outdoors.  These are qualities that I believe help many boys with ADHD find success in a job or career.  As I fast forwarded in my mind what it would be like for my teenage son to be working a job like that when he was in his twenties and thought it could be a good fit: especially so because my son has an entrepreneurial spirit about him and may enjoy owning his own business.

Then I started thinking about boys with ADHD and the similarities and differences between Bahamian boys with ADHD and American boys with ADHD.  My list had many more similarities between the boys with ADHD as compared to differences.  Sure, there are some cultural differences and dialect differences but boys with ADHD are found everywhere.  Boys with ADHD are as common in the Bahamas as they are in the USA.  Thus, Bahamian parents can benefit from some of my free ADHD resources.  One of my resources is the free parent self-reflection survey and another is my free series of videos.  These can be watched over the internet or, if a parent prefers, they can purchase them on DVD.  This may be more helpful for Bahamian parents because the internet did not seem very fast on Grand Bahama.

The complete Forgan Parent Support System has 10 modules that include behavior strategies, routines, homework, and tons of more great ADHD content.  Many parents are concerned about their ADHD son’s motivation and I cover this in Module 9.  As described in my website, Module 9 covers the essential topic of motivation.  You’ll learn about motivation and how to help your boy increase his motivation.  I’ll teach strategies to help him stop negative thinking and a way to help him own his ADHD and concisely explain it to others.  Here are the current videos.

Module 9: Motivation

9-1       How to help him stop the negative thinking.

9-2       Thinking for a change

9-3       Motivation in boys with ADHD

9-4       Why he is motivated to do his, but not your, tasks

9-5       Increasing his motivation one step at a time

9-6       Owning your ADHD: Creating your elevator speech

If parents in the Bahamas are homeschooling their child with ADHD, the Forgan Parent Support System is an effective way of getting help since traveling to a counseling center is difficult and limited on many Bahamian islands.  The ADHD videos give parents instant access for helping them parent their boy with ADHD.

In addition to the Forgan Parent Support System I have a team of folks that can offer the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program to parents and children of the Bahamas.  A common characteristic of a learning disability is a weak memory.  Again, since Bahamas learning disability special education resources are limited, parents like that the Cogmed Working Memory Program is done within the home, internet based, and coached by me or one of my highly trained Cogmed coaches.  Once a week we Skype call the parent and student to discuss their Cogmed Working Memory Training Program progress.  It’s all arranged and completed with little hassle, stress, or headache and I offer special pricing and payment plans to parents of children with disabilities in the Bahamas.  I believe in making help real effective by using the best tools out there and real affordable by keeping my costs low and passing the savings onto parents.

Contact me for personal ADHD help or to discuss more about Cogmed and overcoming your child’s working memory challenges.  After all, isn’t everything, “Better in the Bahamas?”