Bahamas ADHD Help

I was over in the Bahamas recently (Grand Bahama) during part of my kid’s week of spring break from school and got to meet some friendly and wonderful Bahamian citizens.  I was not offering Bahamas ADHD help as it was a refreshing vacation where I was able to relax and unwind.  As my Bahamian bus driver explained that in the Bahamas folks, “Go with the flow and ride with the tide.”  I appreciated this advice and him sharing that philosophy with me.  As I sat on the beach with my toes in the water and chair in the sand, looking out at the beautiful blue, green, and turquoise Bahamian waters I felt the stress start to disappear and my creative energy start to flow.  I’ll share another catchy saying I picked up from my bus driver that in the Bahamas there’s, “Nothing to it, just do it.”

Sitting on the beach I watched the Bahamian men at the watersports set up their daily equipment, recruit people to use the various watersports, and enjoy what they were doing.  Some guys would ferry tourists out to a platform where they went parasailing.  Others pulled tourists on an inflatable banana tube, and others worked the equipment.  I couldn’t help but think that is a great job for a boy or young man with ADHD.  It’s fulfilling (they are helping people enjoy their vacation), hands-on, active, and outdoors.  These are qualities that I believe help many boys with ADHD find success in a job or career.

Then I started thinking about boys with ADHD and the similarities and differences between Bahamian boys with ADHD and American boys with ADHD.  My list had many more similarities between the boys with ADHD as compared to differences.  Sure, there are some cultural differences and dialect differences but boys with ADHD are found everywhere.  Boys with ADHD are as common in the Bahamas as they are in the USA.

I offer testing for Bahamians at your location or in Jupiter, Florida.  We can work together so that your son or daughter can reach their potential.  There are a lot of effective strategies you can use with your child to make a difference.

Contact me for personal ADHD help or to discuss more about  overcoming your child’s struggles.  After all, isn’t everything, “Better in the Bahamas?”