Jupiter Counselor

I’ve recently collaborated with an excellent Jupiter Counselor who specializes in working with families and children. Brian Neal is an experienced Jupiter counselor grounded in Christian principles. Brian’s a family man who has been married for a long time and has four children so he understands the challenges facing today’s moms, dads, and children ranging from addiction to bullying, to social media influences.

If your marriage or family is in a crisis or approaching crisis levels, contact me today to I can connect you with Brian. As a male Jupiter Counselor he maintains a professional and confidential practice. Many Jupiter counselors are generic but Brian’s specialty of families, marriage, and children using Christ centered practices sets him apart . You can restore your family and rebuild broken relationships using his goal directed counseling. Thus, rather than simply exploring feelings, Brian believes in setting goals and directing talk to achieve meaningful and lasting positive change.

When you need help for marriage issues, adolescent issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, or any other area affecting your family, contact Brian.  He will counsel you to hope and healing.