Four Reasons to Test Kids for Learning Problems

Are you concerned about your child’s or grandchild’s learning? In my experiences of working with many families, my advice is to tell you to trust your instincts.  I work with parents from Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and other counties to test their kids.  One common theme I see is that a parent’s instinct is very accurate even if your child’s teacher is saying, “Wait and see.”  As a parent you know your child best and if your gut is telling you there is something going on with your child’s learning then investigate it with testing. You may have to sweet-talk your spouse to get them to agree but it’s worth the sugar.

These are four reasons why testing your child will help you.

Time. The earlier you start giving your child the correct support the better the outcome. We know from research that early intervention is a key factor in a child’s future success. As time passes, it’s harder for your child to catch up. I’ve worked with parents that tell me they wish they had completed the testing years ago because they could have saved themselves from so much struggling.

Self-esteem. Your child is smart and knows he or she is not learning as easily as their peers. Many kids are good at keeping a positive front while holding their secret fears inside. You may have heard your child make statements such as, “I’m dumb at this. Everyone else is smarter than me. I hate school.” As part of my evaluation I assess your child’s self-esteem.

Understanding. An evaluation sheds light on what’s going on within your child’s mind by assessing his or her neuropsychological processing systems. You may be calling your child lazy and unmotivated when it’s really a processing disorder that’s making learning so much harder. He may have to put in ten times the mental effort as his peers. Unless you have testing then you are just making assumptions that can hinder the situation more than help it.

Plan. You may need a specific plan to know what’s best to help your child. When it comes to your child’s learning you don’t want to take a hit-and-miss approach and spend time and money doing things that don’t work. My testing helps identify the best teaching approaches for helping your child flourish rather than flounder. By using the right teaching methods you’ll increase your child’s academic performance and self confidence.

There are many more reasons to test your child but these four reasons to test kids is a start.  I believe the testing investment you make to help your child will pay off and help you get things going on the right track.

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