Teaching Problem Solving Using Books


I love learning and believe we can learn a lot by reading and educating ourselves.  Sure, degrees are nice but real learning often takes place outside the classroom.  Think about a time you had a problem.  How did you solve it?  Perhaps you turned to a book or internet site. 

My brother in law  used a book to help him learn how to change his leaky sink faucet.  I used a book to help me learn how to become a better parent.  Some of my favorite self-help books are written by Dr. John C. Maxwell www.johnmaxwell.com.  He  great books such as Developing a Winning Attitude, Talent is Never Enough, and Failing Forward

Books can help kids too.  There are many books that teach problem solving skills.  I enjoy many of Bill Cosby’s books about Little Bill.  When my son was 4 and 5 we read most of them.  My favorite one was The Meanest Thing to Say because it taught a problem solving strategy called “So.”  He learned to use it if other kids said mean things to him. 

I attached an article that I wrote and that was published in a popular teacher journal.  Parents can find it useful too and it lists many kids books to read with your child.  Help your child identify with the book’s character and then learn the problem solving strategy.  It works!