Port St. Lucie Gifted Testing

The Port St. Lucie school district offers gifted programs but to qualify, your child must receive testing. Starting at age 5, my associates and I test students for the Port St. Gifted program. The gifted requirements for the Port St. Lucie gifted program include an IQ test with a score of 130 or higher and then documenting a child’s ‘need’ for the gifted program.  The need for a gifted program is done through reading and math test scores, grades, and a teacher checklist.

I recently worked with a young child from the Port. St. Lucie area and his parents wanted private gifted testing.  He arrived confident and happy because the parents had purchased my videos and showed him the tour of my office and the message from me.  They told me he already felt like he knew me because they watched them a couple of times.  This was cool because the mom told me this young boy was usually apprehensive about new situations and none of his apprehension was evident.  Another important key was this family brought him a healthy snack and water to drink.  Even if a child has a good breakfast, they tend to enjoy a snack break because they are using up considerable mental energy doing the testing.  I highly recommend you bring a healthy snack for your child.

This parent also planted the seeds of success in her child because she brought some of the child’s recent work samples and bragged on her boy as she showed me how well he had performed in school.  The young boy smiled and seemed very confident when I mentioned he’d do some of the same type of work with me.   His confidence was bolstered because his mom showed me his work.  This is totally optional but it helped this boy start out strong.

The Port St. Lucie gifted testing is an IQ test along with reading and math.  A child must have a score  at the 98th percentile or higher on a full IQ test to qualify for the school gifted program in Port St. Lucie.  Use the contact form to contact me and my associates for Port St. Lucie gifted testing.  Check into the parent preparation materials to help give your child confidence.  We look forward to working with you.