Increase Memory in Children

Memory is important for learning and a weak memory system hinders your child’s learning. Does your child’s memory seem inconsistent?  For example, some children learn math facts and forget them.  Do you tell your child a word on one line but he or she don’t recognize it a few lines later.  Still other children can remember movie lines or video game stats but can’t remember to turn in school assignments. If you increase memory capacity, you will improve your child’s learning.

Memory Systems

We have three main memory systems: short term, working, and long term memory.  Short term memory is holding information for a few seconds to minutes.  Working memory is the scratch pad of the brain and is our ability to hold information and change it such as doing mental math.  Long term memory is remembering information from days to years later. Identify which one is holding your child back and target intervention to increase your child’s capacity for learning.

Strategies to Increase Memory

Increase your child’s memory and consider these games and activities. First, have your child memorize how to spell his or her name backwards as this will exercise working memory.  If your child found that easy, try reciting the alphabet backwards.  Memorize Pi by learning one digit per day and see how many digits your child can remember.  If your child is younger, have him or her memorize your address and family members’ phone numbers.  Amazon has tons of memory games.  Cogmed is an intensive computer-based memory training program for kids and adults.

Mnemonic Memory Strategies

Most people can remember seven items plus or minus two.  Think about our phone numbers and social security numbers.  They fall within this range and numbers are chunked together a few at a time.  Chunking information helps us remember more material.  First letter mnemonic (pronounced new-monic) strategies also help us chunk information to remember.  One example is ROY-G-BIV to remember rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).  Apply chunking or mnemonic strategies to help your child remember more.

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