How to teach children to solve their own problems

Jim Forgan bookKids can use books to learn how to become proactive problem solvers. Often students with learning or behavioral difficulties are characterized as inefficient in recognizing and solving problems. By learning a problem-solving strategy and applying it to children’s literature titles, kids can learn to become independent and effective problem solvers.

The article below is one I wrote for teachers (and it was published in a teacher journal) to help them learn how to teach kids to become effective problem solvers.  Parents can apply these principles too because I believe we want to empower our children to independently learn to solve problems.  You are not always going to be there to solve your child’s difficulties so one of the best skills we can give our kids is to teach them how to effectively solve problems.  This is not a skill most people learn on their own and if they do, it is learned through the school of hard knocks.  Let me show you how to teach your child to be a problem solving superstar by using popular books that you can check out in the library.

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Forgan Bibliotherapy Article

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