Going for Gifted Testing in Palm Beach

Now is the prime time to test if you want your child to start the next school year in the outstanding gifted classes in Palm Beach County, Florida.  What does it mean to be ‘gifted?’ 


Well, if you want your child to participate in the Palm Beach Schools gifted classes they define giftedness as an IQ score that is 130 or above.  An IQ of 130 means when you take 100 kids your child’s age, your child scored higher than 98% of kids.  If your child is this intelligent then they can qualify for gifted classes in Palm Beach.  Nationally the gifted IQ score range is 130 or above so Palm Beach gifted classes are right in line with this requirement. 


The IQ test is an individually administered test so it is given one-to-one.   An IQ test measures a child’s ability to show what they know by solving new problems.  Thus, a child’s life experiences are important and children from well to do families often score higher than impoverished families.  Your child will perform better if you’ve spent a lot of time playing with your child, explaining things to your child, and engaging them in valuable life experiences.  While parents can’t teach their child to perform gifted on an IQ test, your child’s life experiences are important.  The other part of IQ is genetics and parents that have high IQs often have children with high IQs.


The Palm Beach schools gifted classes used to require that gifted testing includes academic testing in reading and math.  They discontinued this in late 2015. At the end of testing I give you the results and you leave knowing if your child qualifies!  The entire process takes about 60 minutes.

Use the contact form above or call me if you’d like to schedule your child for gifted testing in Palm Beach and surrounding areas.