Gifted Testing Tips

Are you considering IQ-gifted testing for your upcoming kindergartner? It’s important to prepare your child the right way for testing. Jim Forgan, Ph.D., school psychologist, offers this professional advice for parents.

1. Avoid IQ testing in your home as there are too many distractions. Go to a professional office.
2. Don’t tell your child they are going to take a test.
3. Tell your child he or she will go do some different activities with a person so you can find out all the good things they have been learning.
4. Show your child a video tour of the office where they will be working and a video message from the person with whom they will work.
5. Complete some practice activities with your child to familiarize them with the test format.
6. Eat protein the night before and day of testing.
7. Parents should stay in a positive mood on the morning of testing.
8. Give yourself extra time so you don’t feel rushed locating the office.
9. Bring your child a drink and snack for break time.
10. Encourage your child to give their best effort AND tell him or her they won’t know every answer and that’s OK.
11. Offer to take your child for a special treat or toy after they do their best work.

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