Florida Dyslexia Testing

Dr. Jim Forgan is a certified dyslexia testing specialist and school neuropsychologist in Jupiter, Florida. He has tested hundreds of children specifically for dyslexia. Jim will identify if your child has dyslexia along with its severity. He will also identify the best teaching methods and reading programs to help your child become a strong reader. After dyslexia testing with Jim Forgan you’ll have the answers you were hoping for and clear direction on how to help your child.

Florida Dyslexia Testing Expert

Call around and ask others if they are ‘certified’ to test for dyslexia and you’ll find people say they test for dyslexia but they are not ‘certified.’ There is a big difference.  Jim Forgan is certified by international dyslexia expert Susan Barton as a dyslexia testing specialist and licensed by the state of Florida as a school psychologist. Susan Barton is the creator of the Orton-Gillingham influenced Barton Reading and Spelling System that is used in school around the world.

Dyslexia Testing Process

Jim offers Florida dyslexia testing and works with families from around the state including dyslexia testing from Miami, dyslexia testing Orlando, and dyslexia testing Ft. Myers. Dyslexia testing takes four hours and can be completed in one day or over two days.   Most teens prefer to complete dyslexia testing in one day while younger children typically perform best in 2, two hour sessions. If you are coming from a distance we work with your schedule to perhaps do one afternoon session and then a morning session. There are many hotel options in the area where you can spend the night. In addition, Jupiter has the Loggerhead Turtle Rescue park, Jupiter Lighthouse, beach, and mini-golf that you may enjoy. There are many waterfront restaurants.

The dyslexia testing process begins with a parent meeting so we understand your concerns and the most important questions you want to learn from testing. After this your child starts testing and breaks are taken as needed. There is no one test for dyslexia so we use a battery of 15 plus activities to assess your child for dyslexia. These include:

Reading real and made up words
Reading speed
Reading comprehension
Phonics processing
Rapid recall
Auditory discrimination
Sound to symbol knowledge
Symbol to sound knowledge
and other tests.

At the end of the testing process it takes us one week to score everything and write up the results. We discuss the results with you in person or by phone.

Group Dyslexia Screening Test in Florida

Jim Forgan, Florida Dyslexia Testing expert, is also available to screen groups of children for dyslexia at your school. This individual screening is ten minutes or less and ideal for schools that want to start an early intervention program to help children at-risk for dyslexia.  We come to your school to conduct the screenings. Call for additional information.