Dyslexia Testing in the Bahamas

I am available to test students from the Bahamas including Nassau, Freeport (Grand Bahama) and surrounding Bahamian islands for dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. While most families travel from the Bahamas to Jupiter, Florida for the testing, I am available to travel to the Bahamas to test students.

Traveling to the Bahamas for dyslexia testing works best when there are two or more students that need testing and I can travel to the Bahamian islands and test both students during the same weekend or during the summer. My testing fee remains the same but there is a travel charge for transportation from West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport) to the Bahamas. Many parents find the travel charge is worthwhile since the child is often more comfortable having testing in a familiar setting. Additionally, the child does not experience any jet lag or other travel stresses that may impact his or her test performance. After all, “It’s Better in the Bahamas!”

If ADHD testing takes place in the Bahamas then I use a neuropsychological test (NEPSY II), computerized tests, observation, as well as parent and teacher input. This ADHD evaluation process looks at ADHD from multiple perspectives (including neuropsychological) and removes some of the subjectivity of just relying on teacher and parent observations and ratings.

I am a Barton certified dyslexia testing specialist as well as a Florida licensed school psychologist. If you’d like to discuss educational testing in the Bahamas call me or email jforgan@hotmail.com.