Astute Parents Notice Preschoolers with Learning Difficulties.

I evaluate children starting at age 4 and parents often email me with concerns about their child’s learning and/or behavior. I recently received this email from this astute parent. “My son is almost 5 years old. He’s in preschool and the teachers think he may have some issues with his processing and/or maybe dyslexia? Can you evaluate him?”

“Absolutely” was my answer to this question. In fact, I saw the warning signs in my own son start to emerge between ages two and three. The delayed language, difficulty saying words, and difficulty with rhyming, and no interest sounds, letters or playing games with words.  You don’t always have to be a trained psychologist to pick up on the warning signs and astute parents often know their preschool child may have some type of learning difficulties.  If you suspect your young/ preschool child may have a learning or processing issues the next question parents often ask themselves is, “Should I get it checked out or just wait a while and see if they outgrow it?”

preschool testing for ADHDThe research clearly supports that early intervention is effective and helps prevent problems that can surface during the elementary years.  If your preschooler has a learning difficulty then immediately getting him or her working with the right therapist, program, or specialist can make a tremendous amount of difference.  Six months of gains at the preschool age can take eighteen months to make when your child is in elementary school.  My professional opinion is to start now and don’t take a wait and see approach.  An evaluation can help put your mind at ease and /or give you direction about how to proceed to help give your child the best opportunity to learn.

Don’t you want your child to work to his or her potential?  As I’ve written in previous articles, the right tutor, the right program, the right amount of time, and starting at the right age make all the difference!  Start now and trust your gut.  A mother’s instinct is usually right.

Use the contact form or call me ASAP to get started because a little investment of money now will save you from spending a lot of money later.  I’m available to help.

Dr. Jim Forgan