Famous Dyslexics: Doctors, Lawyers, Actors and more

Many famous or very successful people have dyslexia.  If you watch this short video you’ll hear that one of the keys for helping kids with dyslexia is early identification.  I am a certified dyslexia testing specialist in south Florida (Palm Beach).  Public schools don’t usually test for dyslexia so you are wise to seek out private testing because a child that is not identified early can struggle for years and these struggles can occur to the point where the child believes he or she is dumb.  Has your child said, “I’m not smart.  I’m not good at reading. Other kids make fun of me?”  Tuned in parents know there is something occurring with your child that is causing him or her to make these statements.  Dyslexia testing is an investment in your child’s future.  It provides insight, answers, and often feelings of relief.

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This video includes successful individuals with dyslexia that struggled in school or that were able to compensate in school but had high anxiety, frustration and tension.  Dyslexia testing is available in south Florida and I’ll identify the best reading programs for teaching your child to overcome his or her dyslexia.