Can’t Remember Math Facts?

If your elementary, middle, or high school age child can’t remember and automatically recall his or her math facts he or she probably has a memory weakness for information that is not highly meaningful. For most kids school related tasks are not highly meaningful. My children–and probably yours too– have had to memorize lists like all the presidents, the 50 different types of sciences, and hundreds of vocab. words.

You can informally assess your child’s memory by trying these simple tasks. Get your child, a paper, and pencil. Ask your child to:
1. write down the alphabet using just lower case letters.
2. write down your address (including city and state)
3. write down the months of the year or, for kids under 7, the days of the week.

If you live in the Palm Beach or south Florida area, call me if you child struggled with these three memory tasks. Along with not remembering math facts, these are all ‘soft’ signs of memory issues. If your child has memory issues it impacts his or her ability to stay on task, concentrate, complete class work or home work, remember what he reads (reading comprehension), and write a paragraph or esssay.

Think about what your child’s teacher(s) are telling you. Do they discuss your child being off task, forgetfull, daydreaming, not staying focused, or working slowly? If you have memory problems it bogs down your information processing system. You quickly become and feel overwhelmed. Then kids shut down, goof off, or become frustrated and emotional. If your child is experiencing these types of behaviors then bring your child to me (Jupiter, Florida area school psychologist) for an assessment. I can complete a quick assessment and tell you about a program that will REALLY improve your child’s memory.

If your child’s memory capacity increases he or she will be able to concentrate better, learn easier, and feel less overwhelmed. Aren’t those things you want for your child? When you come in, bring the informal memory tests that you completed with your child. I can help give you tools that will change your child’s education and life for the better.