Bahamas Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities occur in children living in the Bahamas just like they do in kids in the USA. Some kids in Nassau and Grand Bahama require specialized instruction for such learning disabilities as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and math disorders.

One of the most effective treatment programs for reading learning disabilities such as phonological dyslexia is the Barton reading and spelling system. This is an Orton Gillingham influenced multisensory reading curriculum that Bahamian home school parents can use with their child. This program is ideal for parents since there are limited Bahamian dyslexia resources. Bahamian parents interested in using the Barton reading program should take the free tutor screening test. If you pass the Barton reading dyslexia screening test then you can teach your own dyslexic child.

Dyslexia treatment takes between 18-36 months so it’s ideal for Bahamian parents to teach their child or a small group of children during this time period. Teach your dyslexic child using one level at a time by purchasing the Barton Reading and Spelling System. Each level builds upon the previous so most children start with level one and move forward. Teaching your own child with dyslexia is the most affordable way to help your child overcome dyslexia. I can test your child for dyslexia if you want to make sure your child has dyslexia before you begin tutoring. This is the best way to make sure you don’t just do a hit and miss approach but that your child really is dyslexia.

During the summer I can come to the Bahamas for dyslexia testing you or you can bring your child to me during the school year for dyslexia testing. If there is a long weekend I may be able to come test for dyslexia in the Bahamas but there is a charge for travel and time. In addition to testing for dyslexia, I can test children from the Bahamas or ADHD, anxiety, depression, information processing problems, and other issues. Email me for additional information.