We Offer Autism Testing

We offer autism testing because across our great nation, autism diagnoses continue to increase. According to results from a recent CDC funded study, the autism prevalence was that 1 in 36 children had autism. For every one girl identified with autism, four boys were identified. For the first time, more African-American, Hispanic, and Asian children were identified than White children.  Researchers agree that early identification and use of evidenced based treatments lead to the best outcomes for children with autism.

We test children for autism starting at age 2.  There is no one test or even a medical test or blood test to diagnose autism.  In our practice we utilize the gold standard assessment called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule or ADOS, second edition.  In addition, we use caregiver interviews and tests of language, attention, intelligence, and memory.

Autism Diagnostic Criteria

Five criteria should be met for a psychologist to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. First, the child must demonstrate deficits in social communication and social interaction across settings. Second, the child must display restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities, currently or by history. Third, the child’s symptoms must have started early. Fourth, there must be evidence of a significant impairment. Fifth, the symptoms must not be caused by another mental or physical condition.

Evidence Based Autism Treatment

If your child is diagnosed with autism, we recommend you start with treatments identified by the National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice. These are 28 evidenced based practices that independent research documented best help children with autism.  Treatments include ABA therapy, discrete trial training, cognitive behavioral intervention, and social narratives.  Many insurance companies pay for evidenced based therapies with an official autism diagnosis. In addition, Florida offers the Family Empowerment Scholarship to provide you funding to help your child.

Autism Support for Parents

I co-authored the book “Parent’s Quick Start Guide to Autism” which provides a quick, but deep dive into what to immediately do when your child is diagnosed with autism.  When it comes to helping your young child, time is too precious to squander.

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