What is Gifted IQ Testing?

IQ Testing Palm Beach

Your child requires an individually administered IQ test to determine if he or she qualifies for the gifted program (at least for gifted classes in Jupiter, Wellington, Boca, Delray Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart). Common IQ tests include the WISC, WPPSI, RIAS, Stanford-Binet-5, and many others.  These are all individually administered tests and it’s up to the psychologist to decide which test is best for your child.  An IQ test is more than just a score.  Most IQ tests measure a child’s verbal abilities, nonverbal problem solving, and memory.  Many IQ tests also include information processing speed.  These are important areas to examine to see if they are evenly developed.  When there are large differences between these areas it is a concern.

When a psychologist works with the child he is gathering information about the child’s new problem solving ability.  This means the IQ test should measure tasks that the child has not been formally taught.  This is what makes it novel.  For example, psychologists administering IQ tests present the child with a new problem or situation and require the child to analyze and solve the problem in words or by pointing or arranging items.  IQ scores can fluctuate when a child is tested very young (ages 4-6) and then again when older.  Many researchers believe IQ becomes more consistent starting at age 8.

There is no reading or paper and pencil math on an IQ test.

I can help you determine your child’s IQ.  I believe in preparing parents and kids for the testing experience so created a Parent Support Systems Gifted Parent Preparation Program so you you know exactly how to prepare your child for testing.  Both you and your child will feel comfortable with the process.

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