Testing Gifted: Moms Make A Difference

momwornoutI recently tested a young boy for possible kindergarten gifted class placement.  This mom found me on the internet and made an appointment for testing.  She had two older children in middle school that were in the gifted program and she wanted her youngest child tested.  Let’s call him Jimmy. 

His mom prepared Jimmy for testing by showing him my videos before he came in.   Jimmy was confident, happy, and put forth his best effort during testing.  Despite everything going well, Jimmy did not meet the school district’s requirements for the gifted program.  When I explained the results to mom, big tears started to roll down her cheeks.  After getting a tissue to wipe away her tears she said, “It’s not what you think.  After Jimmy was born I went back to work and didn’t spend as much time with him as I did with my other two children.  When they were young I was a stay at home mom and just poured myself into them.  I didn’t do that with Jimmy and I now regret it.”

It’s not uncommon to have clients cry but as she explained the meaning behind her tears I was moved.  This seemed like a great mom but she felt such guilt.  We talked through it and at the end she was feeling better. 

Moms know they make a huge difference in their child’s life.  In fact, both parents’ roles are important and this is why I believe it is very important for parents to spend quality time teaching and bonding with their child.  Talk to your child, explain the everyday things that you take for granted but that are new to your child, ask them questions.  No matter what you do, your child is learning from you.

Good parenting is not the only quality that helps kids demonstrate their giftedness but it sure helps.    Contact me if you need your child tested for gifted.