Raising Successful Boys with ADHD: 3 Must- Dos

I know a lot about raising successful boys with ADHD.  I co-authored the book Raising Boys with ADHD, and I work to help parents of boys with ADHD in my practice.

1. Believe in your boy with ADHD.

2. Nurture his strengths.

3. Help teachers understand him.

If you are raising a successful boy with ADHD you realize it takes A LOT of work.  It’s more than a part time job, it’s really a full time job.  If you are a mom raising a boy with ADHD make sure your spouse understands this and show him this post if you need validation.  You may have to make sacrifices at home to help give him the chance he needs for a good tomorrow.  What I’m trying to say here is that the time you invest in your boy or girl is helping give him or her a better future.  You are being preventative rather than reactive.  That’s hard to conceptualize because you can’t ‘see’ it.  You can see the problems you avoided by being at home when he gets home from school.  You can’t see the friendship difficulties you helped him avoid because you helped him develop social skills.  You can’t see the teacher problems he missed because you took time to know his teacher now and be involved in his education.  ALL the things you are doing now to help ARE helping!  Believe in the unseen.

The elementary years are so challenging for boys with ADHD.  They have little self control, want to be funny, and often don’t enjoy school.  That’s a recipe for challenging times.   As I wrote in my book Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Sons, “Behind every successful boy with ADHD is a tired parent.” Are you tired?  Welcome to the club.