Palm Beach School Psychologist

I specialize in helping parents of children with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, learning disabilities, information processing problems, childhood conditions, and Asperger’s Syndrome.  In the Jupiter area there are some great supports to help children with learning disabilities and ADHD.  Likewise, parents from Palm Beach Gardens FL looking for a psychologist find help working with me or my team.  We offer some of the best support for parents of children with behavior difficulties or learning difficulties.

Many children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities have information processing problems.  Unfortunately, the Palm Beach School District has been moving away from recognizing helping to test students and identify information processing problems.  They once recognized the importance of information processing speed, auditory processing such as discriminating sounds, visual processing for how information fits together, and memory difficulties that students have.  Since the response to intervention process started the public schools have become less likely to recognize and provide support for these types of learning difficulties even though they once used to.  It’s almost like a light switch has been flipped.  Children still have these types of information processing problems and they create real limitations in the classroom.  For example, if you have slow information processing speed then it makes it very challenging to listen and take notes at the same time.  Additionally, children with slower information processing speed tend to mentally tire more easily and are exhausted at the end of the school day.  You can see the tiredness in the child’s eyes.  One mom told me that her son can hold himself together during the school day but when he gets home “he is a wreck” and crashes.

Many children with memory information processing difficulties have extreme difficulty with learning math facts, computing math problems with two or more steps.  The child with a memory problem has poor reading comprehension and they forget to turn in the homework they did the night before.  At home this child has difficulty with completing multistep directions such as, “Go to your room and get a book, your shoes, and jacket and come down stairs.”   If you are lucky, the child with memory problems gets one out of the three steps completed.

If your child has memory difficulties you can dramatically improve their performance.  One of the best interventions that is supported by independent research is the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program.  This program is offered by MDs and psychologists and is coached.  This feature helps ensure completion of the program.  See, there are many websites that offer memory games but the important point is that most kids won’t stick with it because doing the games is hard work!  They quickly give up or tell you they won’t do it anymore.  When the child has a working memory coach that holds them accountable, they tend to stick it out.  Cogmed has a 90% completion rate of the five week daily working memory training program.  Cogmed works for 80% of children that use it.  This statistic is not just from Cogmed, but from independent researchers at universities around the world that have tested Cogmed with real kids and achieved real results that were measurable.  The results are lasting and are still evident at 12 months after the child completes the five week working memory training program.  Cogmed is a support that can make a huge difference in your child’s life.  I’ve used Cogmed with my own son and see gains within the program and also within his life.  His school effort has increased, he seems to take more self-initiative to complete his homework on his own, and he tells us his reading comprehension is better.  I encourage you to research Cogmed on your own and decide if it is right for you or your family.  I’ve seen it work from the perspective of a professional and parent.

I have many other tools that can help you and your child.  If you have an ADHD boy then consider using my Forgan Parent Support System.  Boys with ADHD are different than girls with ADHD and there are tools you want to use with your ADHD boy that can help improve home and school life.  I created the Forgan Parent Support System for boys with ADHD based on my personal experiences raising a boy with ADHD as well as in my professional work as a university professor and school psychologist.  I took the information that I’ve found useful with my own son and that I teach others in my courses and put it into a video series of 10 different modules that have over 80 videos.  I can guide you to give you tools and strategies to use to help your son with ADHD become more successful.  In addition, your home can become more peaceful and less argumentative because having a boy with ADHD myself, I understand that boys with ADHD can be very emotional and negative.  I give you tools in module three “Parenting Tools” that can help change you boy’s mindset and yours.  Together you can create a home environment that works for your family.  Every family I work with is different but there are some fundamentals you want to have in place.  I teach you these ADHD fundamentals in the modules of the Forgan Parent Support System for boys with ADHD.  Rest assured  that if you find no value in the Forgan Parent Support System that within the first seven days I’ll refund all of your money.   There is so much junk out there on the internet that I believe in truly helping people help their boy with ADHD.  I’m real, really available, and here to help you and your family.  Help is only a few clicks away so start now.  Time is ticking away.