Palm Beach Gifted Plan B

The Palm Beach Public Schools (The School District of Palm Beach County) offers gifted classes for children in grades kindergarten through eight.  The schools from as far south as Boca Raton, west through Royal Palm Beach and Wellington, and north through Jupiter have gifted classes.  At the end of 8th grade gifted children are dismissed from the Palm Beach gifted program and they enter high school in AP or honors classes instead of gifted classes.   Some gifted teens also take the dual enrollment courses at the state college.

Most gifted children qualify for gifted classes during the elementary school years under what is called Gifted Plan A which means the child has scored an IQ score of 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ test.   The Palm Beach Schools (and other public schools in Florida) also offer a Palm Beach Gifted Plan B for children to qualify into the gifted program.   Gifted Plan B was designed to let children into gifted programs that might not otherwise qualify under gifted Plan A.  These children are intelligent and score high on the gifted tests but just not high enough for gifted Plan A.

Regardless if your child qualifies for gifted Plan A or gifted Plan B, he or she needs to be prepared for testing.  I recommend my Parent Support Systems Gifted Parent Preparation Program so you know exactly how to prepare your child for testing.  You also receive all forms and 12+ of my exclusive gifted videos!

If I do your testing and your child does not score high enough for gifted Plan A then I’ll let you know if he or she is close enough to be a candidate for the Palm Beach Gifted Plan B.  The important thing about gifted Plan B is that to qualify you must either be on the school districts free or reduced lunch program or be an English Language Learner.   Yes, the alternate gifted plan helps children who are considered ‘underrepresented.’  These are children that are smart, creative, and advanced but may not always score strongly on gifted tests.  You can only qualify for the Palm Beach gifted classes for Plan B gifted if one of those two criteria apply to you.  I recently worked with a family that did their research and located the Palm Beach Schools gifted Plan B form.  They shared it with me and I want to share it with you.  It’s here as a PDF (Palm Beach Schools Gifted Plan B- PBSD 1906) so you can see what the schools will be filling out about you if you try to qualify as having a gifted child using Plan B.  If I test your child then I can help explain this form to you as it can seem complicated.

Since I’m a Florida licensed school psychologist, I can test your child for the gifted program for gifted classes in the Palm Beach schools, for Stuart gifted classes, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port. St. Lucie gifted, and even Okeechobee gifted classes.  Call me or fill out my contact form to schedule an appointment.  Gifted testing is usually enjoyable for the child and informative for parents.