Jupiter School Psychologist (Palm Beach): Jim Forgan, Ph.D.

I’m Jim Forgan, Ph.D., and I have a practice as a licensed school psychologist in Jupiter, Florida which is part of Palm Beach county.  I’m licensed by the state of Florida so my testing reports are valid in any school in Florida.

I’m also the parent of two children that have been through & are in the Palm Beach Schools as well as some private schools in Palm Beach.  Thus, I have parent and professional insight into many of the schools for gifted, learning disabilities, ADHD, processing disorders, and many other academic areas.  In Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast we are very fortunate to have excellent public and private schools.  Many schools are known for their great reputations for gifted classes, enriched classes, artistic classes, and even dyslexia classes.

I specialize testing and evaluating of children, teens, and young adults to help determine if they have any learning issues or other needs such as dyslexia, ADD/ ADHD, and gifted class needs.

Dyslexia Testing in the Palm Beaches

I am the Palm Beach areas only certified dyslexia testing specialist and I’m recommended by Susan Barton and she is the founder of the Barton Reading and Spelling System for children with dyslexia and other severe reading disorders.  I can test your child using a unique battery of tests that prove if your child has dyslexia.  The beneficial thing of this testing is that I can tell you the most effective reading program to use with your child.  This helps you because then you don’t use a haphazard approach to helping your child but a specific approach that won’t waste your time or money.

ADD/ ADHD Testing in the Palm Beaches

My testing for ADD/ADHD is unique and more thorough than most for many reasons.  First, I actually work one-on-one with your child to do neuropsychological tests of attention.  Believe it or not, some psychologists, including the one I thought was good when I first took my son to him, don’t work directly with kids.  As was the case with me, he just relied on a behavioral rating form and didn’t do one thing with my son.  That’s not the way you want your child evaluated for ADD/ADHD!  When I work directly with your child it gives me unique insights.  The neuropsychological tests of attention can also validate that your child has true attention problems since ADD/ADHD is a neurological disorder.  The ADHD testing takes place in my Jupiter (Palm Beach) office and usually goes by quickly for the child since they are engaged and each section is short.

Gifted Class Testing in the Palm Beaches

My daughter went through the Jupiter gifted classes of the Palm Beach Schools gifted program and I’m a former parent member of the gifted advisory council so I know the gifted program quite well.  Gifted testing in any school system requires an IQ test. In addition, the Palm Beach Schools gifted classes also require academic testing in reading and math.  In the Palm Beach gifted school system classes your child qualifies as gifted if he or she scores 130 above on the IQ test and 119 or higher on either the reading or math test. What these numbers mean is that your child should be smarter than 98% of same age kids on the IQ test and above 90% of same age kids in reading or math.  It’s great if your child qualifies as gifted but if they don’t your child can still get an outstanding education in the Palm Beach Schools.  Ultimately, the quality of your child’s education comes down to the quality of their individual teacher.

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