IQ Testing: What it’s Really About

So you know your child requires an individually administered IQ test to determine if he or she qualifies for the gifted program (at least for gifted classes in Jupiter, Wellington, Boca, Delray Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart).  So what’s IQ testing all about?  At its core, an IQ test measures a child’s novel (new) problem solving.  This means the IQ test should measure tasks that the child has not experienced or been taught.  This is what makes it novel.  For example, many IQ tests use types of blocks to make picture puzzles.  Most kids have experienced puzzles but have not been taught this exact type of activity.  It’s a new situation and the psychologist giving the test is looking an how your child approaches solving this new problem.  Thus, IQ tests are supposed to measure more innate types of abilities.

On the contrary, an academic achievement test, like the FCAT, is one that students have been taught how to take.  Students are taught the content on the FCAT.  They practice taking FCAT tests.  For example, teachers know the types of reading comprehension questions asked so they teach their students that content.  The same is true for ERBs, ITBS, Stanford Achievement, etc.  Students are directly taught the skills.

So, to qualify as gifted your child needs to be an extremely strong problem solver when presented with new problems as well as a strong academic student.  The requirements for getting into a gifted program are high.  Think about it this way.  Picture an tall extension ladder in your mind.  This ladder has 100 steps.  To qualify as ‘gifted’ you must be at the top of the ladder and at the 98, 99, or 100th step.  That means you are extremely intelligent.

I test children for gifted classes in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Wellington, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas.  Since I’m a Florida licensed school psychologist any school district’s gifted classes accept my reports and gifted testing results.

Call us to schedule your child.  I’m honest, fair, and will help you determine where the best educational setting is for your child.  After all, if your child is not truly gifted and you put him/her in a gifted class, it damages their self-esteem because then they start to feel dumb.  Only place your child in a gifted class if they truly are gifted. (561) 625-4125