How Much Does the Full Evaluation Cost?

Several factors should be considered when selecting a psychologist to test your child. First, consider expertise and experience.  I have gone beyond my PhD education to become a Barton Certified Testing Specialist and a Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology.   Not only do I evaluate children through young adults but I teach others how to do this as well.    The saying,  “You pay for what you get” is true in this field.  There are school systems or people that will do an inexpensive evaluation but may not go deep enough to uncover the true issue (if there is one).  When this happens parents have sacrificed valuable time.

My evaluation process is about 15 hours for me as the psychologist.  The time involved includes meeting with parents, testing with the child, talking on the phone with a teacher, scoring, writing, reviewing the results, and following up via email in a month.  This process typically costs about the price of a couch or new set of tires.  At the end you know what is going on and have answers to your questions.  This way you don’t do a hit-and-miss approach but have clear direction.  Call for the price on the full school neuropsychological evaluation.