Gifted Testing in Wellington Florida

Information on gifted testing Wellington Florida. The Wellington Florida schools in the Palm Beach School District offer gifted classes.  Wellington area schools include Binks Forest, Wellington Elementary School, Elbridge Gale Elementary School, Equestrian Trails Elementary, and Emerald Cove Elementary School.   If each Wellington school does not have their own gifted classes then students are reassigned to the closest Wellington school that does have gifted classes.  The Wellington schools gifted classes have an excellent reputation for providing an exceptional gifted education.

If you’d like your child in a gifted class at a Wellington school then you should have your child complete the gifted testing.  The gifted testing can be completed by requesting it through your child’s Wellington school or you can go directly to a private practice school psychologist like myself.   One of the first things you should do is familiarize yourself with the gifted testing requirements in Palm Beach.

Gifted Requirements for Gifted Testing Wellington Schools

In a nutshell, the gifted testing for the public school programs in Wellington require an individually administered IQ test.   Your child must score 130 or above on the IQ test.  It takes an hour or less to complete the gifted testing.  I provide you with results immediately so you know if your child qualifies based on the testing.

My daughter went through the Palm Beach gifted classes in Jupiter so if you have questions about the program use the contact form above.  Gifted testing is usually a fun experience for the child and an informative process for parents. Call if we can help you with gifted testing Wellington.(561) 625-4125