Gifted Testing Palm Beach County

Jim Forgan and associates offer gifted testing for boys and girls for ages four and older.  As a former teacher, Jim understands how to help kids feel comfortable so they can give their best performance.  He works with boys and girls to administer the individual IQ test.  If you have a girl who needs IQ testing and you think she will work better with a female examiner, we have two female associates that she can work with and one is Dr. Forgan’s daughter who is also a school psychologist. We want to help your child feel comfortable so that he or she can do their best thinking.

Gifted Testing Palm Beach County

The IQ test takes between 35 to 60 minutes to administer. When finished, we score the IQ test and give you the result immediately after testing in a summary form.  The full report is emailed to you the next day as a secured file. You bring the report to school if your child qualifies. The Palm Beach School District gifted programs require an IQ score of 130 or higher.  The average IQ score in the United States is 100 so an IQ score of 130 is significantly above average.  Once your child qualifies with the 130+ IQ, your child’s teacher completes a gifted characteristics checklist as the second part of the placement process.

Here are the two requirements for gifted testing Palm Beach County.

  1. Have your child take an IQ test and score 130 or above (administered by a psychologist).
  2. Have your child’s teacher complete a gifted characteristics checklist (the form is given to you by your child’s school once you bring the IQ report to them).

If your child meets both requirements then a special plan called an EP (Educational Plan) is written.

Gifted Classes Palm Beach

There are two types of gifted classes in Palm Beach Schools: part time gifted and full time gifted.  Your child should be placed in the full time gifted class so that they spend all day with other kids who are gifted.  A certified gifted teacher provides all instruction.  We believe full time gifted classes help gifted kids have more opportunity to reach their potential.

What Happens After Gifted IQ Testing?

After we test your child and they qualify, you submit the report to the public school.  Your child’s teacher completes her checklist.  Then the process typically goes smoothly with the school placing your child in the gifted class.  We don’t recommend you tell your child they are gifted as kids don’t understand labels.  Instead, tell them they are smart and will have a teacher that specializes in teaching smart children.

We can help you by giving the IQ test to determine if your child qualifies as gifted. Give us a call (561) 625-4125.