Gifted Testing for Kindergarten

Testing kids for gifted kindergarten classes starts after January 1, 2018.   Parents do gifted testing to make sure your child has the right educational fit. If you want your child to start school in a kindergarten gifted class then have your child privately tested since the public schools don’t test kids until they are enrolled. Your child must take an individually administered IQ test and score at 130 or above. For a four or five year old, the IQ test takes about 45 minutes and we take a break half way through.

Gifted Testing for Kindergarten Benefits

If your child has an IQ of 130 or above, the public schools requires the current preschool teacher to complete a gifted characteristics checklist to show your child is working above other peers. Benefits of gifted classes include that your child gets a special educational plan with goals for gifted learners, new material that provides deeper learning, project based learning, and teachers who understand the emotional needs of gifted children. Gifted education is not about giving kids more work but about inspiring them to become critical thinkers and world problem solvers.

My Gifted Experience

At age five a psychologist tested my daughter and she qualified for gifted classes and remained in them throughout her educational experience. For her, gifted classes were the right fit and helped her reach her learning potential. I know a lot about gifted classes and can help guide you.

Feeling Comfortable During Gifted Testing

When you work with my office we give you a free video tour of the office to show your child to help them feel more comfortable and give a visual so they can ‘see’ where they will be working. Call today if you have gifted class questions or if you would like to schedule (561) 625-4125.