Does Your Child Qualify for the Gifted Program?

Children who qualify for the Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Stuart, or Port St. Lucie gifted classes have a very superior IQ. Your child must have an IQ of 130 or above to qualify for the gifted program.  It’s important to do gifted testing so your child is in the educational environment that provides the best ‘fit’ to help your child reach his or her potential.

Children who are academically gifted and talented display many of the following characteristics:

  • Develops broad knowledge and experiences.
  • Acquires, retains and uses large amounts of information.
  • Wants to learn, explore and seek more information.
  • Relates one idea to another.
  • Completes assigned tasks quickly.
  • Uses reading skills to obtain new information.
  • Sees relationships easily.
  • Makes sound judgments.
  • Expresses ideas and feelings well.
  • Has a fascination with words and ideas.

According to the Educational  Research Information Center ( research on gifted indicates the following:

  • Gifted students benefit from learning together and should be placed with similar students in their areas of strength.
  • It has been extremely difficult for regular education teachers to differentiate curriculum to meet the needs of gifted students in mixed ability classrooms.
  • Many gifted students think and learn differently from their chronological age mates who are not gifted. They tend to better understand, accept, and use their learning differences as assets when they are grouped together. When they are provided with consistent appropriate academic challenge, they tend to be more comfortable with themselves (and others).
  • When cooperative learning has been used in the regular education classroom, gifted students often become tutors and learn less academic content. The other students may depend on them to do most of the work, or do the work that is difficult, and therefore the regular education students also learn less academic content.
  • Gifted students frequently know many of the concepts introduced in the regular education class and waste a lot of time. They often develop bad habits, such as constant daydreaming.
  • Gifted students are more likely to socialize “normally” when they are with students who share their interests and learning style. This is most likely to occur with intellectual age mates, regardless of chronological age.

Your child may qualify for the Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Stuart, or Port St. Lucie gifted classes but you must get an IQ test.  Our IQ testing is accepted by all Florida schools.  Call today (561) 625-4125