Gifted Classes in the Palm Beach Area

The Palm Beach schools are known for having top quality gifted programs or gifted classes. If you are considering having your child tested then this is the information you need. In my previous blogs I discussed gifted classes pros and cons so be sure to read that if you’re new to gifted classes in the Palm Beach area. The gifted classes in Palm Beach begin in kindergarten and go through eighth grade. Many families have their child tested for the gifted classes starting in kindergarten. In fact, that is the age when I had my child tested for the gifted program.

If you are considering having your child tested for the gifted program, ask yourself these questions;

1. Is my child academically advanced?

2. It is my child emotionally mature?

3. Is my child inquisitive?

4. Is my child too much of a perfectionist?

5. Can my child handle the accelerated curriculum?

6.  Does my child bounce back from minor setbacks?

7.  Is my child too shy?

By considering these questions you are looking at the whole picture of your child. See, many people just look at the academic and intellectual parts of gifted testing. But, your child’s emotional needs must be met as well.  Some academically advanced child may have difficulty in the gifted program if they are too much of a perfectionist. They may not be able to handle making mistakes and become hindered by their perfectionism.  Other children don’t fare well with the accelerated pressure that comes along with the gifted class especially if they are a slower at completing their academic assignments.  Only you know your child best enough to answer the above seven questions.  If you answer them and believe your child would fare well in the gifted program then go for the testing.

Gifted testing in south Florida (Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Boca Raton, etc.) requires an individually administered IQ test.  Gifted testing also requires academic testing in reading and math.  I recently worked with a 4.5 year old for gifted testing in the Palm Beach area and the father asked me the question, “How do you test a four year old child’s IQ?”  I explained that the IQ test is designed to measure how a child solves new problems that they are presented with during testing.  About half of the IQ test is talking about things and half of the IQ test is about thinking and looking at pictures.  These are age appropriate pictures that young kids find enjoyable.  To the child it is like playing games (but don’t call them games).  We want you child to think of the testing as like a school experience.  Some things will be very easy and others will require some thought.

Gifted testing in the Palm Beach area can be affordable so call me or use the contact form above if you’d like to schedule.