Gifted Class Benefits and Resources

There are benefits of being in a gifted or enriched class or school.  In our area, two main schools for a gifted child are the Weiss School and the Greene School.  Both offer an outstanding education that caters to the whole child.  What I mean by this is that the Weiss School and the Greene School both include enrichment beyond academics.  They help the gifted child by including music, the arts, technology, social-emotional, personal growth development and other areas that gifted kids need.  On the other hand, the public school gifted classes only provide gifted/enriched academics.  We test children for gifted classes using an individually administered IQ test.  You receive results the same day in summary form and a full report is ready a day later.

Unlike some providers, we don’t charge extra for Saturday testing. Ready to schedule? Call (561) 625-4125.

Gifted Child Benefits

Camilla Benbow and other talent-development researchers offer the following tips to encourage both achievement and happiness for smart children.

  • Expose children to diverse experiences.
  • When a child exhibits strong interests or talents, provide opportunities to develop them.
  • Support both intellectual and emotional needs.
  • Help children to develop a ‘growth mindset’ by praising effort, not ability.
  • Encourage children to take intellectual risks and to be open to failures that help them learn.
  • Beware of labels: being identified as gifted can be an emotional burden.
  • Work with teachers to meet your child’s needs. Smart students often need more-challenging material, extra support or the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Gifted Child Parent Resources

Resources for parents include the following websites.

  1. Florida Association for the Gifted
  2. Florida Gifted Network
  3. Mensa high IQ society:
  4. National Association for the