Dyslexia Tutoring in Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Tutoring and teaching children with dyslexia is a speciality.  If you have a child with dyslexia then you can be certain that if your child works with the right dyslexia tutor he or she can obtain great results.  I’ve seen amazing dyslexia tutoring results first hand with my own child.  When my child started tutoring I was discouraged and deeply concerned that he might not ever love reading.  Over time my discouragement turned into encouragement because he started to enjoy reading as he gained new skills and increased confidence.   No longer did he feel like other kids were smarter than him.  He could hold his own reading right along with the good readers in his class.  The best part is that he still reads on grade level today–six years later.  The dyslexia teaching methods worked and dyslexia tutoring was worth every cent.

If you need a dyslexia tutor in the Jupiter, Hobe Sound, or Palm Beach Gardens area then contact me because my wife is a master’s level special education teacher and dyslexia tutor.  She tutors children in the office or at the child’s school one-to-one using the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  The Barton system is one of the best programs for helping children with dyslexia or other significant reading problems learn to read on grade level.  A child in elementary, middle, or high school can be tutored with the Barton Reading System.  Depending on the child’s needs the dyslexia teaching starts at different levels.

Dyslexia Tutoring: What it Takes to Work

The Barton System works and it is documented via independent research and you can find that through a google search or on the Bartonreading.com website.  If you want the program to help your child overcome dyslexia, read on grade level, and have age appropriate spelling then you must commit to tutoring twice a week for 50-60 minutes per session.   If you invest the time and money your child will learn.  He or she will learn to love to read and that can make you a happy parent.

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