West Palm Beach Special Homeschool Center

A hidden gem of a school in West Palm Beach, Florida is The Academic Link which is founded and run by Mrs. Cindy Knoess.  The Academic Link is a homeschool center where Mrs. Knoess and her teachers customize the curriculum to fit the student’s academic needs instead of the traditional teaching method which is to mold the child to fit the curriculum.   If you are tired of your ‘square’ child being forced to try and fit into a ‘round’ school, then consider The Academic Link for your child.  I speak highly of this West Palm Beach based special school because I know it from a professional and parent perspective.

The Academic Link center serves children in first grade through high school.  Each child is registered as a home school student by his or her parents.  Then, in consultation with Mrs. Cindy Knoess, the parent selects the best curriculum for the child’s needs.  Thus, your child can be on or above grade level in some academic subjects and below grade level in others.  For example, your child may need 3rd grade level reading material but 5th grade level math and science.  The point here is that each child gets what he or she needs!  What a novel concept.  Surprisingly this concept is not found in most traditional schools.

Mrs. Knoess has skilled teachers on staff that teach your child.  The teacher to student ratio is about 5-1 and sometimes lower.  So, while your child is a home school student, they are not taught by you.  They are taught by certified teachers.  This does not mean you, as the parent, can just step away and leave your child’s education to the teachers at The Academic Link.  On the contrary, Mrs. Knoess and her staff want your input and value an ongoing partnership in educating your child.  You may volunteer at The Academic Link to help assist teachers by making copies or listening to a child read aloud.

Mrs. Knoess’s philosophy is, “We never lose sight of the fact that education should be parent directed and for the express purpose of each child’s success. Parents have chosen to partner with teachers who are nurturing, caring, & discerning to facilitate their child’s education. Pleased their voice is heard and their child receives the daily attention required for optimal success, parents look forward to their child’s academic success.”

The Academic Links typically follows the public school calendar with a few exceptions.  Students attend Monday through Thursday and twice a month a Friday session is optional.  Many parents elect to have their child complete his or her school work at home on Friday but the option is there for your child to attend the center.  On one Friday per month the students and parents attend a field trip or community service event locally in the West Palm Beach or surrounding areas.  One of my son’s favorite community service activities is when The Academic Link students serve the South Florida Fair workers breakfast.

I highly recommend The Academic Link as a special school where students are met at their point of need, find success, build confidence, and improve their outlook about school.  Additionally, parents find hope and often comment that Mrs. Knoess, her center, and the wonderful teachers, are an answer to their prayers.