Raising Boys With ADHD Free Resources

You have a very challenging job if you are a parent raising a boy with ADHD.  I specialize in helping parents of boys with ADHD and offer you free video resources to help you and your family.  I literally wrote the book on Raising Boys with ADHD that is published by Prufrock Press and it’s available online and in book stores. Yet, some parents, especially dads, don’t enjoy reading.  If that describes you then you may enjoy watching my free ADHD videos.

Yes, your access to the 80 videos is free and all you have to do is register.  I used to charge for these videos but now give these to you for free because I’ve raised a successful son with ADHD and I want you to do the same.  If you need personalized help then come in to work with me in person as a paying option. You decide which one fits your budget and lifestyle.  Ready to start?

Free ADHD Resources Access

You can register for free access http://jimforgan.com/free-adhd-help/

These videos are short (2-8 minutes) and you can watch them on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Depending on your stage in raising a boy with ADHD, you can pick and choose which videos to watch. There are modules from Recently Diagnosed to Transitioning to school or work.  You may need help in teaching your boy with ADHD organizational skills.  Perhaps it is Motivating your boy with ADHD.  I’ve ‘been there and done that’ so learn from my parenting mistakes and professional advice. If you find a video helpful then share it with grandparents, sitters, or teachers.  Let’s create supportive team to encourage your son and help him reach is potential! I believe these are some of the best ADHD free resources on the internet.

Help for ADHD Teens

For various reasons, many teen boys with ADHD are reluctant to attend counseling. I created a module (it is a paid module) that you can watch with your son. See, you can give your son great advice but he may not hear it because you are mom or dad.  Yet, if someone else gives the same advice he listens or it sticks.  Perhaps you laid the groundwork or the new presentation is different but for whatever reason it becomes real and useful to your son.  That’s an optional module that may help you help your boy with ADHD.