Jupiter Dyslexia Reading Tutor

Learning to read doesn’t have to be a struggle and you can receive help from a Jupiter Dyslexia Reading Tutor. We help parents help their child overcome reading difficulty with a one to one individualized approach designed to meet each child’s unique needs. When it comes to learning to read a one size fits all approach is not effective.

If your child’s not reading up to par then consider specialized reading tutoring. Most tutors offer a general approach but our tutoring is highly specialized. We use methods that are based on effective research and that work.

We use Orton Gillingham based reading methods that are based on effective research and that work.  These types of programs are one-to-one and highly effective because they teach a child to read using the six most common syllable types in order from most to least common.  This ensures your child experiences a lot of success which builds confidence and self-esteem.  We use the Barton Reading and Spelling System, the Wilson Reading System or the Lindamood-Bell Reading Program.

There are five main areas that your child has to master in order to become a proficient reader. The five areas are: understanding sounds, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

For example you may read the next sentence but not understand; “The cognitive fluency impaired the prefrontal cortex and inhibition which affects his theory of mind.”  Did you understand it? If not then you had a vocabulary breakdown. If this were your child, we’d help your child by teaching vocabulary within the context of reading.

It’s important to pinpoint the reading breakdown and then provide support.  Your child may have a specific deficit that only reading specialists can identify.  If you are already providing tutoring but it’s general homework help or general tutoring then this is not the right tutoring.  Jupiter reading tutoring is highly specialized and specific to help your child obtain the maximum reading gain in the least amount of time.

Your child doesn’t have to shed tears over reading. If your child struggles with reading, come see the dyslexia reading specialists at Forgan Educational Services and our Jupiter dyslexia reading tutor.