How to Prepare Your Child for Gifted Testing

One frequently asked question parents ask me is, “How do I prepare my child for gifted class or gifted program testing?” I can help you prepare your child for the testing with a Gifted Parent Preparation Program so you you know exactly how to prepare your child for testing.  This will provide you with information to prepare your child because preparation is one key for success.

If you like books, I recently came across a great book called Testing for Kindergarten: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Ace the Tests for …Gifted Program Qualification. I recommend you pick up and read this book by Karen Quinn if you really want to prepare your child for gifted testing in the Florida areas of Palm Beach, Boca, Wellington, or Jupiter schools.

Some of the interesting chapters from this book include: What Educators Know and Parent’s Don’t; The Scoop on Intelligence Testing; The 7 Abilities of Highly Successful Kindergarteners; and Your Best Public School Options. I believe that if your child is truly gifted then he or she will do well on the testing regardless of if you read this book or not. Yet, many parents don’t understand IQ testing and this book helps explain IQ and gifted testing and even provides examples of the types of questions IQ test examiners ask children.

If you want your child tested for gifted in the Palm Beach, Stuart, Boca, or even Port. St. Lucie Florida schools then call or email me. Read my other gifted testing articles to learn the cost of gifted testing.