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I offer specialized ADHD/ADD testing and help for individuals ages 4- 25 in Jupiter, Florida. Call (561) 625-4125, or use the contact form if you have any questions. As seen below, you can receive free ADHD help via my online support system, or you may schedule a paid phone consultation with me to discuss your child.


Do you have a child between the age of 5 and 16 with ADHD?

 FREE ADHD Resources

You may be feeling worn down or frustrated by your child’s behavior. There may be stress in your family. You’re searching for authentic help.

I’ve been there too, and I’m glad you are here. You’re busy and may not have time for an in office visit, but you can catch a five minute video here and there. This is a completely online and free ADHD help and support video system, and you can have FREE access today. Watch on your phone or tablet at home, waiting for pick up, or at sports practice.

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Prefer a book? I’ve co-authored Raising Boys with ADHD and Raising Girls with ADHD

free ADHD helpfree ADHD help


If your boy has or is suspected of having ADHD/ADD, behavior challenges, or executive functioning difficulty and he is between ages 5 and 16, this support system is for you.  Get effective free ADHD help now!

Below are the module topics and videos you can watch in the Parent Support Center. 

Watch when you want in the comfort of your home. This is so useful that you’ll watch tonight and apply it tomorrow.  Real ADHD help is here!

module-1 free ADHD help
This module is an important one that you’ll want to watch even if your son was diagnosed with ADHD some time ago.  In addition to ADHD basics, in this module you’ll learn to create an effective team as well as set up a plan for your son’s future.  We’ll do this using my Dynamic Action Plan that will help guide you for the next five years.
Module Topics:
  • 1-1  The 3 things to do immediately after learning the diagnosis.
  • 1-2  ADHD 101: A crash course in understanding ADHD
  • 1-3  What makes parenting boys with ADHD different from other boys?
  • 1-4  How to best explain ADHD to relatives.
  • 1-5  How to best explain ADHD to coaches
  • 1-6  How to best explain ADHD to teachers.
  • 1-7  Explaining ADHD to your son. When is it right?
  • 1-8  Creating your Team: Finding Support
  • 1-9  Creating a Dynamic Action Plan
  • 1-10  Don’t Quit on your son…he needs you
module-2 free ADHD help
Module 2 is all about different treatments you can try with your son. I’ve tried many different medications, supplements, and alternative treatments and you’ll learn about those experiences (Cogmed, neurofeedback, supplements) as well as what the current research says works for treating boys with ADHD.
Module Topics:
  • 2-1  Treatments to try before you try medication.
  • 2-2  Must ask questions for your doctor.
  • 2-3  How to know; When should you stop medication?
  • 2-4  Making informed decisions: When to change medication?
  • 2-5  Medication side effects: Are they worth it?
  • 2-6  Increase his focus: Cogmed Working Memory Training.
  • 2-7  Neurofeeback: What it is and how it worked with my son.
  • 2-8  3 techniques to increase his focus in school without medication.
  • 2-9  Bringing Nutrition into his diet.
module-3 free ADHD help
In this module you’ll learn useful and effective parenting strategies to help make those stressful times of the day run smoother. You’ll learn about how to get him going in the morning, into bed at night, why he and dad butt heads, the PU method, and I’ll share the best money I’ve ever spent on my son with ADHD.
Module Topics:
  • 3-1  Rock and roll: 4 useful ways to get him going in the morning.
  • 3-2  Creative bedtime routines to end, “Mom, I’m thirsty. Will you bring me some water?”
  • 3-3  Don’t let him push your buttons: Using the PU method
  • 3-4  How to effectively use Grandma’s Rule
  • 3-5  Why most charting systems fail.
  • 3-6  Three easy strategies for making dinner go smoother
  • 3-7  Here’s why your son and husband butt heads
  • 3-8  Why does my son have to have something and then quickly loses interest? (and what to do about it).
  • 3-9  My secret: The best money I’ve spent on my son
  • 3-10  The best ways to handle when he yells or curses at YOU
  • 3-11 How to stop his cursing
  • 3-12 What you can do if he runs out of the house from you
  • 3-13 Three ways to make traveling with your child smoother
module-4 free ADHD help
This module is all about creating effective routines to help your son make it through the day without having so many meltdowns and arguments. You will learn strategies for creating effective homework, bedtime, chores, and reading routines. You’ll even find ways to inspire your son to love to read.
Module Topics:
  • 4-1  Easy strategies for creating effective routines
  • 4-2  Creating effective teen routines
  • 4-3  Creating calm morning routines
  • 4-4  The best homework routines
  • 4-5  Fun bedtime routines (preschool & elementary school)
  • 4-6  Create lifelong reading routines (elementary & middle school)
  • 4-7  Easy ways to inspire your son to love reading.
  • 4-8  Making doing chores routine and hassle-free
module-5 free ADHD help
Module 5 contains techniques for helping him complete homework without so much stress and negativity. You’ll learn why not to sit next to him as he does his homework, the best time and location for homework, and suggestions for when you need more support to get him to complete homework.
Module Topics:
  • 5-1  3 easy ways to minimize the homework headaches for you and your child.
  • 5-2  Homework: Knowing the best time & location
  • 5-3  Creative ways to set up his materials
  • 5-4  Homework: What to do when you need more supports
  • 5-5  Why not to sit next to him when he does his homework.
module-6 free ADHD help
This module covers important school topics such as understanding the difference between a 504 plan and an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  If he has a 504 or IEP, you’ll learn how to make them better by putting on the best accommodations.  You’ll also learn how to write or identify the best IEP goals. You can watch me teach a group of teachers about characteristics of learning disabilities and how to make appropriate accommodations.
Module Topics:
  • 6-1  10 must-ask questions for the IEP team.
  • 6-2  Six things you never want to hear at an IEP meeting
  • 6-3  504 Plan basics
  • 6-4  IEP 101: History and IEP basics
  • 6-5  IEP 201 Writing the best Present Level of Performance and IEP goals
  • 6-6  IEP 301: Identifying the best accommodations
  • 6-7  How to register in college for ADHD accommodations.
  • 6-8  How do I Know if his IEP is any Good?
  • 6-9  Characteristics of learning disabilities
  • 6-10  Making the best accommodations for learning disabilities
  • 6-11 How to choose the ‘right’ school
  • 6-12 How to spot the best teacher for your child
  • 6-13 How to write an IEP for ADHD
module-7 free ADHD help
Here you’ll learn about the important topic of transition and preparing for your son for college or a career. You’ll learn how to prepare him for college entrance exams, choose the right college, self-advocate for himself, and create an effective support system in college.
Module Topics:
  • 7-1  Three ways to prepare him for the SAT & ACT
  • 7-2  Selecting the Right colleges for boys with ADHD and/or LD
  • 7-3  Six easy steps for obtaining college accommodations
  • 7-4  The summer of college anticipation
  • 7-5  How to self-advocate with professors
  • 7-6  Creating an effective support system in college
  • 7-7  The BIG decision: how to decide on a major
  • 7-8  Teach him what he doesn’t know
  • 7-9  Traits of adolescence and middle age
  • 7-10  He’s going to college: Dos and don’ts for parents
module-8 free ADHD help
Module 8 is about helping your son learn effective study habits and how to organize himself for school and life. You’ll receive information about why it’s important to understand how executive functioning impacts him, how to help him study and remember information, organize his room, materials, and clothes.
Module Topics:
  • 8-1  What are executive functions and what can you do?
  • 8-2  5 ways to help him study, remember, and pass the test.
  • 8-3  Get organized!  The three must-do techniques to help organize his life.
  • 8-4  Study Smarter: Creating the best study environment for your child.
  • 8-5  Teaching him effective study-learning strategies
  • 8-6  Teach him the best test taking strategies
module-9 free ADHD help
This module covers the essential topic of motivation. You’ll learn about motivation and how to help your boy increase his motivation. I’ll teach strategies to help him stop negative thinking and a way to help him own his ADHD and concisely explain it to others.
Module Topics:
  •  9-1  How to help him stop the negative thinking.
  • 9-2  Helping him beat negative thinking: Thinking for a Change
  • 9-3  Not ADD, MDD: Motivation Deficit Disorder
  • 9-4  Why he is motivated to do his, but not your, tasks
  • 9-5  Increasing his motivation one step at a time
  • 9-6  Owning your ADHD: Creating your elevator speech
  • 9-7  Motivating Your High School Teen to Care About Getting Into College

YES! I want access to free ADHD help with Modules 1-9 NOW!

free ADHD help

It’s me talking directly to your boy and teaching, encouraging, and helping empower your son grow into a successful young man.  The conversations include finding your passion, keeping a positive mindset, treating your mom with respect, and managing your anger.  At the end of each video encourage him to turn and talk with you about the conversation.

module-10 free ADHD help
Module 10 is $4.95 and is the bonus module that contains important conversations that I’ve had with my son that you can listen to and then share with your son.
Conversations for Your Son:
  • Conversation 1: Why should I listen to this guy I don’t even know?
  • Conversation 2: Resisting peer pressure.
  • Conversation 3: Finding your passion in life.
  • Conversation 4: Keeping a positive mindset.
  • Conversation 5: School is your ‘work.’
  • Conversation 6: Treat your mom with respect.
  • Conversation 7: Standing up for yourself and others.
  • Conversation 8: Managing your anger.
  • Conversation 9: Winning with People
Gain access to BONUS Module 10 with a one-time payment of $4.95:

Dr. Jim Forgan’s Story

Hi.  I’m Dr. Jim Forgan, professor, licensed school psychologist and author of Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Sons.  You are here because you are concerned about a boy with ADHD.  You may be frustrated from telling him umpteen times to help out around the home, brush his teeth, or pick up his clothes.  His moody outbursts and emotional meltdowns are wearing you down.  You are exhausted from the homework battles.

As a professional and parent of a boy with ADHD, I share your same concerns and challenges, and that is why I created the Forgan Parent Support System.  This is a system that I’ve been developing over the past few years in my professional work and within my own family as I raise a son with ADHD.  This is a collection of my best advice and support that I believe will help you reduce frustration, calm his anger, and create a more peaceful home environment.

I carefully designed these modules to give you the tools you need to help your child begin to reach his or her true potential. As a parent myself, I just want my son to achieve to his potential.  Don’t you want that for your child, too?  We want our kids to reach their potential for success in relationships, school, community, and career. You may be wondering how much this is going to cost.  Think about your child with ADHD.  What are you willing to pay to help turn him around?

Imagine what your life would be like when your home is calmer with less stress.

I know there are times when my wife and I would have paid anything to stop the constant negativity and conflict.   When you know the right technique or words to use to change the negative into a positive. This could help you turn your child around.  I’ve been there and done it and I know you can, too.  It doesn’t matter if you are married or a single parent.  It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not.  What DOES matter is that you keep learning, use techniques that work, and do the best you can to help your child with ADHD. You can come see me in person and I’ll teach you this but it will cost nearly $2000 and take 16 sessions.  The Forgan Parent Support System is free.  Period.

I believe in helping you so you can help your child reach his potential.  This is within your reach.  Change your outlook from discouraged into encouraged.  Each person’s path is a little different, but there are fundamentals you want to make sure you have in place for your child.

You can sign up below to instantly start learning.  The choice is yours.  Do nothing and hope that your child spontaneously gets better.  Or, start building the supports that will build your child’s self-esteem, confidence, and the academic success he or she needs in order to live a satisfying life.  You can stop feeling hopeless and instead have hope for his future.

 YES! I want free instant access to Modules 1-9 NOW!

The Forgan Parent Support System is not intended to be a substitute for a mental health therapy
or a substitute for a health care provider’s professional services tailored to your individual needs.

For questions, please Contact Us. 


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