Talking to Your Child about Learning Disabilities

Explaining learning disabilities to your young child does not have to be an awkward conversation. Here are three steps for making it easy.

  1. Read a Terrific Teddy book to your child.
  2. Ask your child if he/she ever felt like Teddy.
  3. Explain that people are different and your child will be learning to read, write, focus better, or control their energy just like Teddy.

That is the extent of explaining learning disabilities to young children. They need a short, easy to understand explanation that won’t overwhelm.  Simple, Supportive, Short. –there you have it.

Books for Explaining Learning Disabilities

There are four Terrific Teddy books for explaining learning disabilities to children. First, Terrific Teddy and the b-d Mix-Up is a book that explains dyslexia and reading difficulty to children. Teddy is a smart boy who struggles with reading so much that he starts to cry in school. His parents get him tested and learn he has dyslexia and that specialized reading instruction can help Teddy learn how to read.  With help from his tutors and teacher Teddy gains confidence and believes he will become an expert reader.

Terrific Teddy’s Writing Wars explains dysgraphia or writing difficulty to children. Teddy is a smart and funny boy who struggles with writing so much that it seems like writing is a war and Teddy’s not sure who will win.  Thankfully, his mom gets him evaluated and learns he has dysgraphia and that there are lots of ways to strengthen Teddy’s writing.  With support and hard work Teddy learns he can win his writing war.

In the book, Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy,  you’ll meet Teddy, a fun and smart boy who really tries to behave but his body does not always listen to his brain.  With help from his parents and professionals Teddy learns that there are lots of things he can do to manage his energy in ways that won’t make him feel different.  The Terrific Teddy books are just as much for girls as for boys.

The fourth book helps children who have difficulty focusing.  Terrific Teddy’s Focus Friend is a book designed to help children who struggle to focus. In it, you’ll meet Teddy, a smart boy who needs a little extra help staying on task. His mom finds just the right tool – a Focus Friend! It’s a great solution to a tough problem, and it’s fun to see how Teddy learns to use his Focus Friend to help him in school and at home. This book offers a solution to the question, “How can I help my child focus more without using medication?”  It’s designed for a parent, grandparent, therapist or teacher to read to a child. In doing so, you form a team designed to help the child learn and grow, despite his or her learning differences.

The Terrific Teddy books are available in English AND Spanish. Your child will love Teddy as much as we do!