Eco-Coaching for Teenagers

Have you ever worked with a coach, mentor, or personal trainer? These approaches work because they  focus on you and your unique profile! Coaching teens works too.

I can help your teen.  I offer 1 to 1 coaching to help teens (ages 12-17) with ADHD , Learning Disabilities, or executive functioning difficulty.  I am very selective and limited with the number of teens I can work with so your teen must be an active and willing participant or else coaching does not work. Coaching is done in person in Jupiter or via a secured HIPPA compliant video platform if you live out of area. All you need is an internet connection and coaching teens can occur.

If you are local I offer eco-coaching for teen boys.   This means the teen and I use an outdoor activity such as shore fishing or biking as the setting while we work on executive functioning skills. Most teens prefer to do an activity rather than just sit in an office and talk.  Eco-coaching provides a cool setting to work on planning, organizing, patience, frustration, motivation, time-management, mindset, and independence.  Sessions are once a week in Jupiter. First I meet with you, the parent, in the office and them work with your teen in the environment.

I have raised a teen with executive functioning difficulty and customizes coaching to help your teen. I can help improve your teens:
time management,
being polite,
prioritizing… and many more.

Thus, I can coach teens from any location. You do not have to be in Jupiter or even Florida.  In person coaching is $150 for a 55 minute session and, if you want to see improvement, your teen must agree to do at least 8 coaching sessions.  You may cancel after the first session if I am not the right ‘fit’ for your teen.  Coaching is once a week.

Since I also offer a video based option, I can coach your teen from any location using a secure platform similar to Skype. Since most boys don’t like to talk, these sessions are 30 minutes and are $115.  You do not have to be in Jupiter, Florida.  Your teen must agree to do at least 8 sessions but you may cancel after the first session if I’m not the right ‘fit’ for your teen.

If you are ready to invent in your child’s future and believe your teen is ready for coaching contact us today. (561) 625-4125