Children’s Books Reduce Anxiety

“I don’t want to read.” Many young children resist reading because they believe they are not good at reading.  In school your child may have reading anxiety and feel anxious about being called on to read.  Your child may lack reading confidence and this can create anxiety.  Some children may physically feel sick when it’s time to read or go to school.  Their stomach hurts, they feel like they may throw up, or have a headache.  When a child has reading anxiety, these physical symptoms are real but they are confusing to parents because if you say, “Ok, you don’t have to read.”, your child starts to feel better.  The official term for this is called psychosomatic.  It’s when your child feels sick due to anxiety or stress.

You can help reduce your child’s anxiety using children’s books because books give understanding and insight.  When you read a book about another child having reading difficulty it helps your child realize that he or she is not alone.  Your child gains understanding and relief.  Furthermore, your child learns their is hope for getting better at reading.  When your child starts to experience reading success, it builds a successful mindset toward reading.

I wrote Terrific Teddy and the b-d Mix-Up to help you know how to explain reading difficulty to your child. Your child will empathize with Teddy’s reading anxiety.  His reading difficulty was so anxiety producing that it made him cry in school.  But, by the end of the book Teddy is smiling and confident that he will become an expert reader because of the help his parents, teacher, and tutor gave him.

If your child is stressed about reading, read this book to your child. Your child may say, “I’m like Teddy.” and this will open up a time for you to reassure your child that you will help your child become a good reader too.

Terrific Teddy books help parents explain dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD/ADD and are available in English or Spanish. They are available on Amazon.