I know a lot about ADHD boys because I am raising one and I help parents of ADHD boys in my practice.  Additionally I offer my online video based support program that I call the Forgan Parent Support System for parents of boys with ADHD.  I’m immersed in ADHD and I enjoy helping people and helping make life a little easier.  Life is hard enough and sometimes parents need a break, refreshing, and from a person to listen that really understands.  Not just anyone but a person that has experienced the same ADHD struggles, frustrations, and joys of raising a boy with ADHD.  I get it. I do it. I raise a boy with ADHD.

When you work with me you get the real deal and advice from someone that has experiences just like yours.  Not some textbook trained psychologist that can’t walk the walk.  There is one guy out there on the internet that is simply that– a person pretending to be an ADHD expert because he has a degree but he does not even have a private practice.

For less than the cost of a new purse my parent support system will help empower you with skills and strategies that will help you parent your boy.  I encourage you to allow me to become your parenting coach, come alongside you, and teach you the tools that help me parent my boy with ADHD.  You’ll learn exactly the same skills I’m using to raise my sweet boy with ADHD.  Help is here.

Parenting ADHD Boys is Hard

You and I know parenting an ADHD boy its not an easy job but it is extremely important.  With each passing year your boy with ADHD is growing into the young man that he is destined to be and he is being shaped from your guidance and support.  What makes parenting a boy with ADHD different?  It’s the intensity, frequency, and duration of his behavior coupled with difficulty doing things independently, consistently and predictably.  You may feel like you are his executive assistant and the one that holds his life together.  I get it and my wife often feels that way as she is the primary organizer in our home.

I empathize with you.  Are you feeling worn down? Do you need a strong tower to lean on?  Want fresh ideas to help your boy with ADHD?  Support is here that you can access immediately regardless of the time of day.  Listen, learn, and laugh with me as we help you and your boy with ADHD.

The Choice for ADHD Help is Yours

1.  Do nothing and hope it gets better.

2.  Keep reading bits and pieces on the internet and hope you get the right advice.

3.  Get the Forgan Parent Support System and start applying real tools for helping your boy become the successful young man with ADHD that is going to make you a proud parent.

Start today…