ADHD Boys and Girls- Important Tools for Dads

ADHD Help for Dads.

Yo. What’s going on? How’s life?  It’s all good, right?  Yep, me too.  Things are good.

There are not too many men that will admit that things in their life aren’t good.  Most men personify the stereotype that we are good, we are strong, and we can do things ourselves.  This mentality holds true when it comes to parenting.  Many men know deep in their hearts that they could be doing more.  They would do more.  If only they knew how to do more.  They need someone to teach them what to do but they don’t want to let anyone know they need help to learn how to be a better parent to their ADHD child.  Today’s man believes he is just supposed to know how to be a good father to his boy with ADHD but he doesn’t. He’s fearful to ask for help because in his mind he thinks, “What will others think of me if they know I can’t be a good enough dad by myself and I need help?  Others will think I’m weak.”

A man does not want to be viewed as weak.

I’ve created a way for men to get discrete, authentic, and real help for parenting their boy with ADHD in a way that won’t make him feel weak.  It’s the Forgan Parent Support System and it’s a video based support system that men can watch in their own home and learn about how to parent a boy with ADHD or challenging behavior.  They can learn on their own time.  They learn at their own pace.  There are 10 easy to follow modules (see below) that he can use in any order.  The man can jump in and start watching whichever video he finds the most interesting.

10 Easy to Use Modules

Module 1: Recently Diagnosed
Module 2: Treatment Options
Module 3: Parenting Tools
Module 4: Routines
Module 5: Homework
Module 6: School
Module 7: Transition
Module 8: Study & Organization
Module 9: Motivation
Module 10: Conversations for Your Son

Many men may appreciate my module called “Conversations for Your Son.”  These are conversations I’ve had with my son with ADHD that you can also have with your son.  Instead of your boy watching my video, dads can watch my video, see what to say, and then have this type of conversation with their boy with ADHD.  Dads can use me as a model for their conversation.

Men will appreciate another feature of this support system because they are getting help from another man.  Many people call me looking for help for their boy from another man.  Frankly, there are not enough men in professional roles that are available to work with. Ask most men and they will tell you they would rather talk to a guy about guy problems.

Benefits for Men

Manly support
Video based, no reading required
No office visits
Short and to the point
Rewind & watch it over
Support from a man that has walked the walk

Men as Providers

Some men believe they provide for their families by earning money.  They often miss the point that being a provider is not just about financial needs.  It’s also about providing for the families emotional needs.  Dads can do a lot to help provide calmness in the home.  Calmness does not come from having a mindset that my boy will listen just because I’m the dad and what I say goes.  Boys with ADHD will push back on this attitude and tempers will flare.  Dads can use the Forgan Parent Support System for boys with ADHD to learn how to deal with their boy differently.  Believe me when I tell you I’ve parented with an authority perspective and it did not work long term.  It can work when your boy is little but you’ll have major problems when he becomes an adolescent.  You can learn now how to best deal with your boy and you’ll avoid major relationship problems down the road.

If you are a woman reading this and you wish your man would learn a thing or two to help make things better than this video-based ADHD parent support system can help you.  You’ll purchase the system with a one-time cost that is less than the cost of nice shoes.  Then watch and identify the best videos in the system that you can show him.  He will be more likely to tune in if you give him short bits of information that make sense and he can apply right away.  Leave your login and password with him and he’ll probably watch more when he is alone.  That’s just how guys are.  Plant the seeds of change and then water them and he’ll grow.  Anyway, that’s often how it is for me.

Manly ADHD parenting help from a man that ‘gets’ ADHD.  You and I both live with it.  We both get it.  I help others understand and grow in their ability to deal with ADHD.  Let me help you and your family raise a Successful Boy (ages 5-17) with ADHD!